Happy New Year, from everyone here at Silo Systems! We hope that 2015 was a successful year for your company, and we hope that we can help you ensure that 2016 is a booming year as well!

      As the new year can cause reflections of things gone by, it brings an opportunity to refresh and go over some of your goals. That new product or expansion that's been brewing in your mind for some time, maybe now is the perfect time to take that first step! Anything that we plan takes one important element-- That first push to get the ball rolling and get your idea moving. We would like to help you with expanding your company's capabilities, pushing past your previous records and having your bussiness run as smoothly as possible. With your ideas, working with a long established partner such as Silo Systems, we can fly high. 

      With a new BROCK Industrial Storage and Convey System, you will, without a doubt, save money.  Resin suppliers offer discounts on bulk purchases of material. The first month, after you've gone over the company's finances for that month, you'll see it. In the coming months after that, you will continue to see how much money you are saving your company. What's better than that? You're also going to save precious plant space. We've seen it before, factories that have gaylords everywhere, resin and pellets all over the floor, fork lifts, employees, all running around. It's expensive, consumes time and it can be dirty, and even dangerous. We would like to help eliminate that problem. Our silos can be indoors or out. That means that the room where you've been storing your material can be turned into something much more beneficial. We'll also help you move your material more efficiently with a Conveying System. We can move your material almost anywhere into your plant, going around corners and taking it directly to where you need it. 

      We've been busy traveling around the country helping businesses all over America succeed for the past 41 years.  We look forward to talking to you about how we can work together and see you at the top. 

With winter here, it brings cold temperatures and harsh weather conditions- Snow, freezing rain, ice, strong winds.. all of the things that can make a small problem become a huge disaster. Before th, do an overall check of your entire system. Any rust problems, cracks, ect. can get increasingly worse in the cold. Before they become a costly, time consuming fix, make the necessary fixes. We can help you make sure you're ready for whatever mother nature throws your way!

Before you have a problem...

Silo Systems Monthly Update-- January 2016

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