Robert J. Smith- CEO

Phil Smith- Sales Leader

Wesley Smith- Business Development Director

     The weather outside is finally beginning to break for sunshine and warmth! As winter gets more and more behind us, companies across the country are making it a priority to have a new BROCK Storage System installed by our experienced and knowledgeable crew here at Silo Systems. We have enjoyed supplying our customers with a more efficient and cost-effective way to store their material, while at the same time saving them hundreds of thousands of dollars each year and helping them expand into new markets.

     With a new BROCK Industrial Storage and Convey System, you will, without a doubt, save money.  Resin prices have been rising, which means that the time to receive discounts by purchasing resin in bulk is now. Suppliers offer discounts to company's that buy their resin by the truck load. Here is a quick example to show just how a BROCK Storage Silo will save you money in the long (but rather short) run.  

  • If you order one truck load of resin (50,000 lbs) and receive a discount of $.05 per pound, that equals up to $2,500 savings per truck load.
  • If you order one truck load per week at $2,500, multiply that by 52 (weeks), it would equal to $130,000 in annual savings.

​ Some of the many benefits with this decision:

  1. Controlling your purchasing of material - timely and cost efficiently.
  2. Able to bulk store your resin when prices are low.
  3. Opening up valuable floor space inside to add new product lines with new machines.
  4. Safety should always be a priority - Eliminate ruptured gaylords that can cause unexpected falls and injuries
  5. Cut down on forklift traffic


Our goal for nearly a half century has been to help you and your company succeed past everyone's expectations. With this continued attitude, hopefully we can all benefit and rise to the top.



As of May 1st- 

Resin prices have risen, the time for bulk storage is now! Resin suppliers offer discounts when purchasing large amounts. A silo now will more than pay for itself with your savings in   less than one year.

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