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BROCK Flex-Auger Plus

--One Piece Auger

--Totally Enclosed System

​--PVC or Steel Piping

Secondary Containment System

--Made from G-90 Galvanized Steel

​--Minimum Tensile Strength of 65,000 psi

​--4" Corrugations for Greater Durability

--Available Heights of 22", 36" or 44"

--Available in 10, 12, 14 and 15 Gauge Thickness

--Available in Square, Oval and Circle Systems

--Skirted or Unskirted​

--35-6,800 cubic ft. Storage Capacities

--6-18 ft. Diameters

--10 or 30 Degree Roof

--45 or 60 Degree Hopper

Material Handling (Convey)Systems

Industrial Storage Silos

Other Products & Services Provided

--BINMASTER Smart Bob Inventory Management Systems

--Damaged Roof Replacement

​--Silo Tear Down

--Damaged Sidewall Replacement

--Sidewall Additions

​--Consultation Services